sw gas boilers
sw gas boilers


SW Gas is a reliable, local business providing installations, repairs and replacements for boilers in Stoke-on-Trent and surrounding areas.

Your boiler works hard to supply your household with heat and hot water. The strain of demand eventually wears them thin.

Is your boiler;

  • Taking longer than usual to heat up
  • Emitting strange sounds or smells
  • Constantly needing repairs
  • More than 15 years old

It may well be time to assess your options. The investment could save you expenses and inconvenience in the long-term.


Working with gas comes with high risks and should only be done by trained professionals. SW Gas is a Gas Safe boiler installation company. Our experts know how to install and replace boilers in a manner that is safe, durable and dependable. You and your family can enjoy peace of mind when using our boiler installation or replacement services.

SW Gas knows that no-one can plan for the failure of their boiler. For this reason we will happily complete installations on demand when it is convenient for you. This includes during the week or over weekends. We respond to customer queries promptly,making every effort to schedule a visit at the earliest date available. Contact us now

  • Local boiler service in Stoke-on-Trent and surrounding areas
  • Gas Safe
  • At your convenience
  • Tidy
  • Weekend call-outs
  • Emergency call-outs


Baxi duotec24 kw£12207 yr parts and labour warranty
Baxi duotec28 kw£13507 yr parts and labour warranty
Baxi platinum24 kw£136010yr parts and labour warranty
Baxi platinum28 kw£160010yr parts and labour warranty
Biasi riva plus24 kw£10052yr warranty
Biasi riva plus28 kw£10702yr warranty
Glow worm energy25 kw£12002yr warranty
Glow worm energy30 kw£13102yr warranty
Ideal logic+24 kw£13457 yr parts and labour warranty
Ideal logic+30 kw£14407 yr parts and labour warranty

*Other boilers are available upon request.
**The above boiler prices are assuming that the gas supply to the boiler is of the correct diameter. A flue with means of safe disposal of boiler condensate waste should be nearby.

Magnetic filters, wireless controls and thermostatic radiator valves are available at a surcharge.